How to approach a coven to ask for training

Since I wrote the article on finding your coven, I get quite a lot of questions from people about how to go about accessing training. Sometimes all I get is a one-liner through my website that tells me “I must have Wiccan training“ (and that’s all I get), other times it’s a more deeply thought out conversation. Before COVID, if one of my students plucked up the courage to ask me how to go about finding a coven, we would always start with an initial chat and a cup of tea at the local coffee shop. Now we’re in pandemic, those chats have to take place over Zoom or FaceTime.

This article may read a bit heavy-handed, and it will (I hope) make you question what you really want. If you end of asking yourself some pretty existential questions after reading this, then you will be in the right place to seriously consider coven training as an option. This is not me being superior or mean - you need to understand is that there are certain markers that a coven will look for when discussing training with potential candidates that demonstrate your commitment to your spiritual life. Coven life is a spiritual commitment to yourself and the group you are working with and whether or not you have thought this through. If you don’t have those markers, the chances are the conversation will be a fairly short one. You will go away with a very nice reading list, and a suggestion that you spend a bit of time thinking about what you really want, hopefully with the door left open for you to come back and talk again at a later date. the thing to bear in mind is that you wouldn’t ask the church to train you as a priest without giving it some depth of contemplation. A coven is no different.

This article is really fair to pre-empt that first conversation. In the absence of a local coffee shop, this is intended to be a short guide for you on what kinds of things you need to think about before contacting a coven and asking them to make that level of commitment to you.

Do you have a sense of vocation?