Finding Your Coven

Updated: Apr 2

May 7th 2020

Many of my students often talk about joining or setting up a coven. A coven is a big commitment, and as navigating the process can be a bit of a minefield, this article is intended to help in two ways. Firstly, to help you decide if coven life is for you (it’s not for everyone). Secondly, it’s also designed to help you navigate the process as it stands in 2020.

There were a couple of fabulous articles written by Thorn Mooney back in 2015 which I would urge you to have a look at too - How to find a Coven, and How to Spot a Terrible Coven. Since the world changes pretty quickly, and Thorn’s article is focused on covens in the United States, this is intended to give you a sense of how it works in the UK And other parts of the world. My own path is Gardnerian Wicca (known as BTW or British Traditional Wicca in other parts of the world) just to give you a sense of my background.

If you are starting at the beginning, also see my previous articles which will help you with context:

What is Paganism?, Wicca or Witchcraft? What's the Difference?, and What is Gardnerian Wicca?

I have to say, when I started my journey I was adamant I didn't want to join a coven - I was very happy in my solitary practice. However, over time my opinion changed. Why? I knew if I wanted to deepen my knowledge and my practice, I had to step away from the 'How to' books and find myself a teacher, and that came with the opportunity to work in a group. Since then, I've never looked back, and I learned that there is a place for both practices in my life. My day to day magical work is still solitary, and this keeps me grounded on my path, while the work I do with my group enables me to find a more expansive and enriched practice.