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A bewitching story 


Meet rebecca

I was lucky enough to grow up on Dartmoor, which gave me an early love of nature and a passion for reading books and watching old Hollywood films. Having spent many years in developing a range of creative pursuits, I still take my inspiration from nature and ancient traditions from around the world.


When I left home to go adventuring, I studied Drama, English Literature and Psychology at degree level, where I learned African Theatre traditions, and discovered that I loved the intrinsic mix of real life and spirituality. Going to London to pursue my acting career, I realised very quickly that something was missing in life - that sense of enchantment, and I set out to find it again. 

I have spent the last twenty years in study. First attending to my spiritual life - I was trained in a Wiccan coven, which I have spent the last fifteen years connected to, and also at the College of Psychic Studies, where I learned Psychic Development.  Simultaneously I also learned NLP, Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy, and once I reached Master Practitioner level, I turned my focus to academia. 

I then studied for an MA in Modern and Contemporary Literature at Birkbeck, University of London, and then a PhD in Creative Writing at Middlesex University. My PhD topic was the nature mystic and author Mary Webb. 

To find out more about my projects, and how you may wish to work with me, please explore the rest of this website. 

Meet Katherine

For those of you with an Eagle Eye, you will notice in the Bewitching Shop there is a new range - Moor Energy by Kath Beattie. 


Here's a little bit of information about Rebecca's sister, Kath:


For as long as she can remember Katherine has had a passion for stones. Katherine always wears at least one piece of crystal jewellery each day and carries a selection of crystals in her pocket. Sometimes this gets her into trouble such as the time she had to explain a large Carnelian whilst going through airport security.


Katherine loves to create necklaces so that other people can wear and enjoy the magic of crystals. Each necklace is unique and comes charged and ready to facilitate ‘…the evolution of the earth and those upon it.’ (Judy Hall)

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