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Coming to your first witchy event can be a big deal - I remember my first foray into the community, and how nervous I was. Here's what some of my students have said (in case it may re-assure you...)

What I will promise you is that workshops will be inclusive, safe spaces to ask questions, and we also have some fun along the way. But don't take my word for it, here's what some of my students have said. 


What an absolute delight to spend a couple of hours with you and the group! thanks so much. All the classes I have attended with you have been so informative, interesting and inspiring, I am so grateful for how clear and generous you are. You present such a great balance of historical fact and spiritual exploration, I am much better informed about the history and traditions of Wicca and more confident to try out the practice alone too.  I'm going to come to  as many of your future classes as I can. I'm so excited, once again, thanks so much


I just wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful workshops you have being doing through Treadwell's.  It has been one of highlights of this year, as I live too far away for evening in-person classes at Treadwell's although I have done many classes there at the weekend including yours (Herb Magic on 26/8/18).  I have loved our pathworkings and you will be amused to know that while visiting Mercury I was stumped for what to offer in return and was dithering and almost got left behind.  Eventually I realised that Lavender was perfect and I had to run to catch up with you all.  Mercury seemed highly amused!

I suppose I would call myself a bit of a Hedgewitch and love all things herbal and indeed all things in nature.  I have never really been into deities until your pathworking with Sekhmet in your Element of Fire workshop.  Suddenly something resonated. 

With many thanks for sharing your amazing knowledge and fascinating slides and tables.



Today’s workshop was fantastic. I loved it. Like I say I have been a witch (imposter syndrome, imposter syndrome, what does that even mean blah blah) forever. 

I have always wanted to explore joining a coven but been afraid and not known where to start. 

Thanks again for a wonderful afternoon.  Practicing and being around and close to magic feels like coming home. 

Here's What I am Listening To This Week

Although I am sharing my current ear-worm, there is also a practical reason for this... magic works really well when combined with chanting and singing. While that's not something we can do in public right now, it is something you can do while out in nature, or in the safety of your own home where you make your magic happen. 

And if you want to know more about that, come and join me on Zoom! 

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