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The Way Through the Woods - signed copies

The Way Through the Woods - signed copies

Discover your path through life’s ups and downs with green witch Rebecca Beattie, a Wiccan priestess who has practised witchcraft for over twenty years and the author of The Wheel of the Year.

Where do we take our troubles when things get tough?

In The Way Through the Woods, green witch Rebecca Beattie encourages us to reclaim times of great change in our lives – in relationships, work and family, and in our bodies and selves – as transformative, alchemical moments full of possibility.

Drawing inspiration from the ebb and flow of the natural world, this is a must-have seasonal toolkit for optimising your spiritual, bodily and mental health. Whenever you need a helping hand, be it through grief or menopause, a new career or finding your flow,
this enchanting book is filled with nurturing rituals and wild magic to guide you.

The Way Through the Woods will help you to pause and reflect, to reconnect to nature and to yourself as you uncover a path towards joy and abundance.


‘Bring your troubles with an open mind and go away with the balm of nature and kindness.’ Maggie Brookes, author of Acts of Love and War

‘The best book I have found yet on the magic of personal growth and personal healing. It is a perfect journey through the year and through nature to the self.’ Ronald Hutton, author of The Witch

‘Laden with compassion and care, it ripples with hope and is full of delicious magic and ritual.’ Jinni Reddy, author of Wanderland


Publisher: Elliott & Thompson Limited
ISBN: 978-1783967841
Number of pages: 272
Dimensions: 13.8 x 2.9 x 21.9 cm

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