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Rhiannon Talisman

Rhiannon Talisman


Rhiannon is the Welsh deity associated with horses, fertility, rebirth, wisdom, magic, transformation, beauty, artistic inspiration and poetry. 


Pyrite is said to be a protective, shielding stone and is excellent to wear or carry as an amulet to deflect harm and danger. It is especially helpful when one is away from home or performing hazardous work.  

Pyrite guards against ongoing control, criticism and manipulation by another person, lending the power to resist without becoming angry or upset, changing the balance of power.

A piece of Pyrite in the home or workplace energizes the area around it and imparts an immediate increase in vitality. It overcomes intellectual fatigue due to overwork and tiredness of the nervous system by stimulating blood flow to the brain, increasing mental clarity, focus and recall.  

Pyrite inspires creativity in art, mathematics, science, architecture and many disciplines, especially those that recognize the inherent perfection and harmonious symmetry of nature and the universe. It stirs the qualities of ambition, commitment and perseverance, and is an ideal stone for students.

The pyrite talisman is hung on leather cord with an adjustible sliding knot. please note the pendant is quite heavy (39g) and is 4cm by 4cm.

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