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21 My 2016

I have gone back to visit a very old friend. I am re-visiting Robin Hobb's fantasy novels about the Fool and Fitz! She is now on her fourth trilogy of books about these characters, and how their lives are interwoven. I am always quite snobby about Fantasy Fiction - in the past I have encountered some real stinkers - authors that are trying to be Tolkien but not doing it very well. Robin Hobb's books are engaging, characterful, and well thought out.

Each time one of the trilogies has ended, I have always felt bereft, but its also not the kind of thing I begin reading lightly. I want to know all the books are there before I start, as waiting a year for the next one is painful! This time I have broken my rule and started even though only the first two are available...

It is that delicious feeling of revisiting a favourite place, or an old friend...

Now I am getting my head back into it.... I may not come out for some time.


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