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The Sketchbook of Vincentas

Posted @ 09:01:16 on 27 April 2010

I am so excited... I have accidentally managed to get myself published in Sci Fi Now magazine... Isn't it amazing what you can achieve by convincing yourself it is all accidental?! At the weekend a publisher I have been doing some work for, commissioned me to write a piece which they said was to be published on a "blog". It is about a book I have been editing for the last few months, called "the Sketchbook of Vincentas" by Sara Eldridge. It has all been quite cloak and dagger as the publisher likes to keep things under wraps until they are ready, but the website will be launched int he next few weeks, so they are starting work on letting people know it is there. It started as an editing job, then I was asked to narrate the book on an audio version for download on the website, and now it has turned into writing an editorial / Advert for it too. Turns out the blog they wanted the piece for is actually Sci Fi Now magazine. Tee hee! The writer of the book is someone who has grown very close to my heart over the last twelve months, although she died in the 1970's. Her book is stunning, her art work is mind bogglingly clever, and her view of the world never ceases to amaze me. I have a feeling she is one of those undiscovered (until now) geniuses who deserves more recognition. I will write more about her in the coming weeks, as the project is finished off and released into the wild. So, here it is in all it's glory... If you scroll down past the main feature, I am there as the second part, and my name is even printed at the bottom of the article... The Sketchbook of Vincentas

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