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The Silences of the Moon

Posted @ 10:43:38 on 20 January 2013

The best moment of my week was running into a teenager on the tube who really surprised me. I normally don't pay them much attention since I always feel like an alien species, but he sat next to me with the usual teenage uniform of low-slung jeans, baseball cap, hoodie and i-pod on and I got on with my writing and ignored him. After a while, he cleared his throat, and said "excuse me, but what is that quote from? It is beautiful." I explained I was studying a book by Mary Webb's husband Henry, called 'The Silences of the Moon'. I told him he could find it in Googlebooks, and he dilligently took a note of the title and author, and we both went our separate ways. The quote? "The millions of pensive mortal eyes that have gazed upon her, the thousands of passionate-speaking mortal lips that have sung to her have given her this accumulative personality of infinite tenderness and delicacy." A little bit of heart-touching beauty, forgotten since 1911. I love research!

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