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The Difference Between an Esbat and a Sabbat?

September 24th 2017

Just a note on terminology and some of the basic concepts of Modern Pagan Witchcraft before I explore the first Sabbat with you, as sometimes it can be confusing when you are starting out. Witches have ‘Esbats’ and ‘Sabbats’, and they are not the same thing.

Esbats are full moon rituals, and are the time that Witches make practical magic together. There are thirteen full moons in all, over the space of the year. While you may choose to make magic at different phases of the moon, the full moons are when we gather in our covens. Esbats tend to be very practical, while Sabbats are more celebratory.

Sabbats are the eight points of the Wheel of the Year. They are the moments when we pause in what we are doing, re-turn our attention to Mother Nature, and focus on the common themes we may well be experiencing at this time.

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