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The Cosmic Joker Rules the World

Posted @ 13:34:42 on 02 November 2008

So, to a someone like me a series of strange coincidences shouldn't really come as a shock, but sometimes you just have to sit back in admiration for the signs that were there that I chose to ignore. Last year my sister-in-law gave me a Reiki treatment. She often picks up on stuff while she is doing Reiki, so when we have finished we usually have a de-brief. "I was picking up things about Egypt being extremely signfiicant over the next few years," she said, "There is something about an Egyptian Guide coming in." We both assumed she meant an Egyptian spirit guide. My new love is an Egyptian Guide. Also last year, another friend gave me a reading, and told me that a young man would be coming in to sweep me off my feet. "But what will I tell my partner?" I asked, before promptly deleting this particular nugget of information from my brain, only to be reminded this week. Walking along a road with my most beloved teacher last week, she asked me, "So, what is his name?" I told her his name. "Ah!" she said, with a knowing look. "Very similar to Aiwass, which was was the name of Crowley's Guardian Angel, who dictated the Book of the Law to him and came out of the great Pyramid.! "ah!" I said. "But there are so many challenges to get over before we can be together" says I. Need somewhere to live? Sorted by Wednesday. Need an immigration lawyer? We have one of those too. Need to find him work? No problem. Later that night another very dear friend texted me to say I needed to ring him as he had had a very interesting conversation with someone which he needed to relay to me, just hours after I had been desperately petitioning for a sign to say I was doing the right thing. When I called, he told me of a conversation he had with a random stranger that night, who had told him that he had spent the evening with a friend who was going through a seemingly massive change in life and direction. "Tell her from me that she is doing the right thing," he told my friend. "Although it feels frightening at the moment, everything will be fine". Ok. So, how many signs do I really need to be given to understand that all is well, and as it should be?

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