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From April 27th 2018

(Serves twenty Witchlets! These quantities can be reduced)

Dandelions have a long history of use in herbal medicine, as they are said to be good for all sorts of things, such as eliminating toxins. They are high in vitamins A and K, are good for detoxing the liver, high in antioxidants and useful in fighting infections and protecting the bones.

In magic, they are uniquely placed under two planetary powers – the Sun (when they are golden) and the Moon (when they are dandelion clocks). In magical terms, we would use them for spells for health, well being and psychic development. Perfect then to stamp your intention for a healthy and happy commitment to the witch’s path.


  • 35 Dandelion Blossoms

  • 10 lemons

  • One large jug of boiled water (about three litres)

  • Honey to taste


Gather the dandelion blossoms as early in the day as you can and remember to pick them in places that dogs are unlikely to have watered (e.g. not from around trees or lamp posts!) If you can, pick them as far away from traffic fumes as you can.

When you take them home, be sure to wash them thoroughly, and remove the stems from the flowers. When the water has boiled, allow it to cool slightly, so as not to scald the dandelions. Put the flower blossoms in your jug, and pour over about one third of the water, then place a saucer or a plate over the top, to ensure the steam stays in. (You don’t want all that dandelion goodness to evaporate). When the water has cooled a bit more, take the saucer off the jug and stir the mixture, all the while thinking of your intention to ensure that as much of your baraka is imprinted on the spell as possible. If you are making this as a group (as we did in our Magical Herbs Workshop) make sure everyone in the room has a good stir.

When the stirring is done, top the just up with the rest of the water, and pop the saucer back on top of the jug, and leave it to stand for another hour (if you can wait that long). Then strain the mixture, compost the discarded flower heads, and pour into glasses. Sweeten with honey to taste, or if you prefer the vegan option, sweeten with raw can brown sugar.

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