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Posted @ 12:20:08 on 09 May 2008

Well, this week saw the start of my fourth term of Psychic school, and I found myself joining the advanced class. Who would have predicted that?! Certainly not me that is for sure.... I still feel a bit of a fraud, despite having psychic things happening far more frequently than they used to. In the last few weeks I found myself receiving some information from "out there" and as a result knowing that an old character was about to come back into my life whilst not understanding how. the next day at work, after my boss had been to a meeting with a rival organisation, he came back and said to me "You will never guess who their Manager is?!" and sure enough, she is back. Then there is the thing where I can tell as I leave my building where my bus home is... that one is quite useful actually. The cards seem to flow more easily though my mind, and the meanings come easily to my voice, even the dreaded court cards that always used to leave me speechless. But somehow the sceptic in me never quite believes it is happening, so often it gets dismissed as being a fluke, or a chance guess, or just a coincidence. But in the break this time, I found I was actually missing the classes. I was enjoying having some time back, sure, but the writing has stalled and it felt as if it would not pick up again until the class continued. So on Tuesday evening, I found myself standing in the hallway outside the class waiting to go in, and my stomach was doing back flips. But once we got in the room, and people started to file in, there were a few familiar faces amongst the unfamiliar ones. And dotted throughout are the really advanced people, the ones who have been doing this stuff for a lot longer and sit with a steady self assurance that I just do not feel yet. But I think I will learn lots from them. It gives me a bench mark to aim for, a sense of where I need to be heading. I think this one might just be the most exciting one yet...

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