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Posted @ 16:57:13 on 03 October 2007

Thanks to my very talented friend Anthony Robins aka Tomas, aka Phoenix (yes, he is a man of many names) I now have a new up to date set of head shots, and I am really pleased with them. But it is a funny one. I have spent the last five years ignoring anything acting related. Not just ignoring it but rather burying it in cement and erecting a six foot electrified fence with armed guards and dog patrols around it. But now, all of a sudden, it is seeping back in. I think the dam has cracked. I wonder where it is going to lead me next? Having had a morbid fear of the camera lens, I think this is the first time I have seen a photo I have liked in about five years... most significant events in my life have been recorded with me taking the photo, and the few I have seen with me in it I have not liked. But these ones have grown on me. At first I felt a bit nekkid,a bit exposed, as I think Tomas has done what a great photographer can do with a head shot - he has managed to capture me on film. It doesn't look like someone else, it is not a character; it looks like me. Eek!

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