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My Twin Flame

Posted @ 13:17:36 on 30 September 2008

Ok. So this is one of those posts that I thought long and hard about before posting but when you read the next one you will see why I thought fit to include it. We are doing readings for "Guinea Pigs" at the moment, on a fortnightly basis. This is great news for me as I really lack confidence, and the only way to gain confidence is to practice over and over again. But tonight was very challenging to say the least. My second guinea pig managed to block me at every opportunity, having already blocked one of my class mates into a corner. I know the point of psychic stuff is that you are supposed to draw the information out for them, but when someone sits there with their arms folded and a petulant expression, it doesn't give you far to go... But my first guinea pig, well, she defied all attempts to come out with anything constructive, I thought I had finished with that behaviour when I completed coaching someone who would only enjoy the coaching session if she got to complain for two hours flat and then block every suggestion I made with a "I can't because..." response. Yes, she lives very firmly in Victim-ville and is not interested in catching the high speed rail link out of there... Mrs Guinea pig tonight started the conversation with "I want to know about my career or my love life, I am not sure which." The cards came out all muddled and unclear, the way they do for me if someone has been muddled in their thinking when they are shuffling. Every card I explained then became a "But why isn't it talking about my love life?" So we re-shuffled and dealt again. So then, she came out with the million dollar question that she had really wanted to ask all along... "Where is my twin flame? Why isn't he here yet? I am forty next month and I am getting really frustrated that he hasn't arrived". Err... *ding dong* How about not smelling the desperation at fifty paces? So I gave her the standard response as taught by my teacher (who is very good) "Well, the future is not fixed. You have free will to change the future, so we don't do future predictions here as that will interfere with your choices". No one can really predict the future, and if they did, where would be the fun in that? What about life being about the experience and the lessons and not the destination? Her response was a very confused "But this is about fate. My twin flame is fate, so how does free will come into that?" The cards said you won't be meeting anyone until you have cleared up the mess your last Twin Flame left behind... but that she didn't want to hear either. Interestingly, she went off for a second reading with one of my class mates (a man) who told her exactly the same as me. That Mr Twin Flame is likely to get stage fright and not show up until you have cleared up your emotional issues with your last man. She then proceeded to tell him that she wanted a nice white middle class man, just like him *cackle* When I came home, my partner suggested I should have told her that Mr Twin Flame doesn't exist and then asked "what about what your twin flame wants?" but somehow I don't think that would have helped. So in a world where "Perception is Projection" and we cause our own fate instead of just reeling with the effects of a mean and harsh world which is out to get you, what did I do to bring her into my world?

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