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Leave Your Conscious Mind at the Door

Posted @ 10:19:47 on 09 July 2008

Last night I got a really clear sense of why I have been going to Psychic school. Overall I have found it to be quite an challenging process; I know I am learning a lot, but I have continued to battle with my conscious mind which still insists on telling me it is all in my imagination, and that I should be more realistic. My unconscious mind however is in its element, is having fun, and is hanging on to every word. I had one of those Psychic artist drawing's done of my "Guide" a few months ago and at the time I really railed against it as it showed a very kind-faced Buddhist monk. What's wrong with a Buddhist monk? Absolutely nothing, but why are they always Tibetan monks, or mysterious figures from China, or Ancient Egypt? Why aren't there more painter and decorator's from Norf London - aren't their lives as important?! I haven't worked out yet if the drawing is accurate, and if he really is a Buddhist Monk, but I like to refer to my own guide as "Bob" now. It seems suitably plain and humble and ordinary) The other thing I have gained which I first hated but now love, is Psychometry. But anyway, I digress... Last night we had a class on Automatic or Inspired Writing, and it really answered a lot of questions for me. It seems there are two main ways of doing Automatic writing. There is the one where you sit there, pen in hand and wait for spirit energies to move the pen and write something (which after a lot of straining usually gives you a series of illegible squiggles, since the effort involved for a spiritual energy to move a physical object is quite intense) or there is the other way, which my teacher refers to as "Inspired Writing". This is the one where you take something like a picture of something beautiful or interesting to keep your conscious mind happy and occupied, and then you start to write. Eventually what happens is that inspiration starts to take over and give you a helping hand. So I sat there in class with my pen in hand and my little notebook, and what do you think came out? Was it some jargon-filled nonsense? Was it something out of nowhere? Nope! It was three more chapters of my book. Long after everyone else had finished, I was still sitting there scribbling away quite happily, whilst still listening to the class and interacting fully with what was going on in the room. And the other great thing? I have been suffering from writer's block for the last few months, having reached a natural pause in the narrative, I had no idea where to go next, but the picture I was letting my conscious mind be occupied by gave me a new direction. And when I asked my teacher if I was "normal" as I have been writing like this since Christmas, convinced I am not doing it all alone, and wondering why wherever I am, whether it is standing on the tube, or sitting on the bus, or walking back home I sometimes have to be standing notebook and pen in hand scribbling away furiously, she looked at me and smiled and said, "yes, that is normal. I have written a lot of things like that". In Psychic school terminology, when this happens you are in touch with your Higher Self, or Divine energy. In the other side of my life, it is the literal "Breath of God(s)". It is the reason I keep Inspiration books and journals. It is the reason I love my creative life. It gets me in touch with my own traditions. It gets me in touch with my own creative energy and gives me an outlet for it. It is not that I am not doing the writing myself, it is just that I have been given a helping hand. It is just what happens when you get in touch with those feelings of deep inner peace and give space for your creative energy, it is when you are in the zone. It is doing what I do naturally when I am at my most peaceful, when I am at my happiest. In NLP terms it is what happens when I am "in purpose" and literally expressing my Life's Purpose. At last my three worlds have joined and merged, and they fit beautifully together.


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