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How the Gods Weave Their Magic

Posted @ 10:09:44 on 16 September 2010

A few years ago, when I was very unhappy and unsatisfied in my old life, I used to have a little treat I gave myself in the mornings on my way to work... Instead of catching the most direct route to the office, I would instead catch a Number 29 bus, get off at RADA on Gower Street, and then I would cut through to Malet Street where I would marvel at the sight of Senate House, (which I have admired ever since I saw it on an episode of Poirot where a character used it as a useful murder implement). From there I would walk down to Montague Place, where I would slip in through the back door of the British Museum, through the Living and Dying galleries (which were very helpful while I was trying to process the loss of my Mum) and on through the Great Court, past the Egyptian Hall (where I would yearn to go and visit the temples), out through the front door, and back out into Bloomsbury. Then I would cut through Pied Bull Yard, across Bloomsbury Square Gardens, and then down Sicilian Avenue and on down to Holborn. I don't know why I did it... Part of me was trying to remain in touch with the things that inspired me, as I really needed extra help at that time. I was in Bloomsbury this morning, having a look at a property in the area that I may be working on soon, and I found myself retracing my steps to get back to the office. I haven't done that walk in a long time, but as I set off, I got a real tingling sensation and a feeling of energy shifting, fizzing and bubbling up... as I realised how magical the world can be. As I walked down Malet Street, I remembered an email I got this week... about my Induction for my MA, which is coming up in a few weeks. I am studying at Birkbeck, which is part of the University of London. This is a big deal for me as I have never been to a "proper" university before (mine was a mere college, although my degree course was excellent). The letter said I need to report to the main building on Malet Street, for a tour of the library. At the time I thought "Oh, Malet Street, the place I usually go to sell the soaps and necklaces at the PF events". Of course this morning is the first time I have twigged that Senate House is the library for Birbeck, as it is part of UL, so this building that I gazed at for years is where I will be doing my research... yippee! I walked on down to Montague Place, in the back door of the Museum as I used to do, past the Indian Planets statues that I always used to marvel at, on through the Living and Dying gallery and out past the Egyptian gallery and found myself thinking about the fact that the only reason I am able to do my MA is that my lovely husband will be helping me, which will fulfil another ambition I have had for many years to go back into formal education. Funny how the emphasis can sometimes shift around with geographical locations... somehow I think Bloomsbury is going to be a very significant place over the next few years... It makes me wonder what seeds I was sowing back then on the mornings I would make my little pilgrimage, when I just thought I was daydreaming...

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