Posted @ 09:04:09 on 19 July 2010


Oops! I vanished there for a while, but it was for a very good reason... I was writing a book that was commissioned by a publisher. It is a book of stories for children or young people (and adults!) that are based around a philosophical concept, stories with a message I guess. I got to study the Tao in great depth, which was absolutely fantastic as I had been wanting to study that for some time now. For each story I took a quote from the Tao that particularly resonated and then wrote a children's or Young person's story around it. So the gratitudes were shelved for a while as my manuscript submission date loomed. It was pretty tight as I had to write two stories a week to meet the deadline, which was quite heavy on top of the very full time day job and all my other stuff... So the gratitude this time is one of being grateful for the unusual opportunities the great Cosmic Joker sends our way sometimes... Lord only knows how the publisher found me, but they did, and I thought it would be a challenge (and it was) but I loved every minute of it, which reminds me that this is what life is about for me - all creative and spiritual paths lead to writing stories... love it! And this time I didn't even have to worry about "will it be published?" as it was commissioned, and I got paid for it - how cool is that? When my final year as an actor gave me an exact salary of nil pounds and a second-hand umbrella, things are looking up! Two blockages destroyed in one fell swoop!

Posted @ 09:45:08 on 26 August 2010


I can't believe I am keeping this up... is it helping? Yes, I would definitely say so. Having to look for something to be grateful for even if it is one small thing, means I am re-training my brain to be a little more positive. It does mean I have to reframe a bit if I am thinking the world is all black... For instance, this morning's journey to work was crappy. It was so packed it was unbelievable - noisy, smelly, grumpy people snapping at each other and telling each other to piss off, it was one of those many mornings where I wonder why we choose to live in London when it would be much more civilised on Dartmoor where there are only sheep to tell each other to piss off, and they tend to be a bit more friendly than that... One of those mornings when I choose to withdraw and emotionally distance myself from my fellow commuters as they tend to feel quite toxic. (Notice the in cause language of "I choose", and not "they make me" language of being in effect - see it is working!) So the reframe I chose this morning was, "great! Chosing to withdraw inside from the rat race means I have managed to finish one more Taoist story for the book - only 5 more to go!"

Posted @ 09:42:54 on 03 August 2010


Gratitude 13 is for the books in my life. I have written about this before, paying homage to them in the Lychway, but that was one step removed as I was writing about Chessen's love afair with books. Mine has been with me since my first Reading Club meetings with the librarian at Princetown Library. It started with Enid Blyton, the Faraway Tree and th