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Posted @ 15:52:04 on 04 August 2012

I took a little naughty detour from my dissertation a couple of weeks ago, to read a really fantastic book. This is one of those books that you can't recommend enough, as it is written so well it is quite a humbling experience to read it, and really deserves to get a lot of attention. I don't often do this, but I have been putting a review of it wherever anyone will take any notice. I also placed a review in the Guardian readers section while I was on there nominating it for the "Not the Booker Prize", and then got a bit of a shock when my friend messaged me to say I got a mention in the weekly roundup - woohoo! I can now say something I have written made it into the Guardian!

Here is what Sarah Crown at the Guardian said: And finally, what the Not the Booker's for: introducing you to great-sounding books you'd never otherwise have heard of. MerysAch's review of The Heat of the Sun by the oxymoronic David Rain is marvellously tempting. "A friend once told me she felt envious of anyone reading a certain classic American novel for the first time, as she knew they had that wonderful story ahead of them, just waiting to be discovered," s/he says. "The Heat of the Sun leaves me with the same sentiment. Once finished it brings that bitter-sweet feeling of satisfaction at finishing the book, while knowing I will miss the characters tomorrow." Sounds like the perfect summer read.


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