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A Suitcase Full of Boiled Eggs

March 8th 2020

For those of you that are connected to me on Facebook or Instagram, this post will come as no surprise. I have a personal rule that goes something along the lines of 'Never ask a witch what is in her handbag', however, I also extend this to my suitcase.

Terry Pratchett knew about witches and the weird things we sometimes carry. In The Shephard's Crown he wrote 'Miss Tick knew too that you can find out a lot about somebody from what’s in their pockets, and sometimes a lot about them from what they don’t have.' Pratchett's witches had everything from a small hand mirror, a cracked teacup, and caterpillars in their pockets, and you may laugh, but I once wrote an artical for Pagan Dawn about the day I came back from a lunchbreak in the park, and caused a minor incident at work when a number of caterpillars make a break for it from my handbag. (I honestly didn't know they were attached the to plants I had been gathering). Ever since then, people have got accustomed to the weird things I carry, the strange looking teas I drink, and my slightly peculiar model of the world. I think it's good to revel in your own peculiarities rather than fight them.

So this weekend whilst travelling into Treadwells with my materials for this week's Pagan Wheel of the Year - Spring Equinox workshop, it may come as no surprise to know that in my suitcase were 30 hard boiled eggs (great for getting a seat on the tube) as well as a large piece of ripe blue cheese, a hare statue, some paints, food colouring, paintbrushes and a loaf of bread.

If you come to this week's workshop you will see why...

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