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A Spell for Letting Go

This is one of my favourite spells for when you need to let go of something. You know - destructive behaviours, influences in your life that cause you harm, not good, or aspects of your life that you find unhelpful. When you need to cut the ties or the energetic chords between you and a person or behaviour, I find this one particularly helpful.

If you’re walking the witches path, by default I believe that means you revere nature. And if you revere nature, it’s really important that you don’t litter, or leave anything behind you, except for the odd muddy footprint. I also believe magic is best done spontaneously.

This spell therefore makes use of your bond to the natural world, without polluting it.

You will need:

  • Some leaves (fresh green, or crispy autumnal ones, it doesn’t matter)

  • A high place - my favourites have been a bridge over a ravine, a cliff top, a bridge over (preferably not too troubled) water, the top of the hill, a high window. You get the picture, it doesn’t matter where as long as there is a drop.

Went to do this:

If you are able to time when you do your magic, this is best done on a waning moon to make the most of the magical tides. However, the intent is the important thing, as is the spontaneity. If you need to do it now, do it now.


The first thing you need to do is gather your leaves. If you’re in a city, a park will suffice, as would a walk along any tree-lined street. In an urban space do this as you’re walking home, or walking somewhere. If you’re in a rural space do this when you’re walking in nature. It’s always good etiquette to at least thank the tree for donating its leaves. As you’re walking contemplate the thing you need to let go of. What is it that is in your life that is holding you back? Is it unhealthy ties to people who bring out the worst in you? Is it unhelpful behaviours that you do? Is it a job that makes you unhappy? As you’re walking pick a leaf that represents each of those things and name it as you pick it. When you have enough leaves (this can be few or many) hold the bundle of leaves into your heart space and think about that thing that isn’t serving you. Really will your intent into those leaves, naming them again if necessary.

When you have named your leaves, take them to your high place. Look out at the view, take three deep breaths of air, and fling your leaves into the wind as you do so, saying the words, “I release you with love”.

Then turn your back on where you have left those leaves, and don’t give them a second thought.

Repeat this spell as often as you need to.

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