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Loose Incense and How to Use it

The whole earth is a thurible heaped with incense, afire with the divine, yet not consumed. This is the most spiritual of earth's joys--too subtle for analysis -yet it penetrates the physical being to its depths. Here is a symbol of the material value of spiritual things. If we washed our souls in these healing perfumes as often as we wash our hands, our lives would be infinitely more wholesome.​

Mary Webb

You will need a heat-proof censor (something that will not shatter when it gets hot), some charcoal discs, and some tongs to prevent finger burns. Fill the base of the incense holder with salt, earth, sand or rocks. Place the burner on a ceramic coaster to protect your counter tops, as the base of the burner may get hot. Follow the instructions for lighting charcoal tablet then place it on top of the sand or rocks. Allow the charcoal to come to temperature (it's ready when it turns grey) then place small amounts of the incense onto the hot charcoal.


Remember to keep your room well ventilated, and keep your non-human animal companions in another room. 

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