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Wheel of the Year:
Your Nurturing Guide to Discovering Nature's Seasons and Cycles

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"I've always thought our pagan forebears had the right idea by marking the turning points of the year (solstices, equinoxes and midpoints in between) giving them six-weekly pretexts to down tools. Published in time for Samhain (27th October), this is a celebration of eight yearly pivot points and their associated folklore, in which Wiccan priestess Beattie advocates that we still the cahos of modern life every six weeks to onservce what is happening in nature and reflect on the turn of our own lives. I'm all for it."

The Bookseller - Editor's Choice for Mind, body, spirit

Planetary Magic:

A Friendly Introduction to Creating Modern Magic with the Seven Energies

Coming Soon
Publication Date 28th July 2023

At the core of modern pagan witchcraft is a knowledge system concerning traditions of nature, connection, and embodiment to the astrological planets. Throughout magical history, practitioners of magic have looked to the planets for inspiration and magical help. From the earliest beginnings of written magical texts - the Grimoires - magical systems were based on the seven planetary powers that were visible in the night sky. The Grimoires were then studied by practitioners of folk-magic - the Cunning Folk - and by influential groups from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn to practitioners of Modern witchcraft.
Pagan Portals: Planetary Magic is an accessible and practical introduction to pre-modern planetary magic. It details with each of the planets, what its magical qualities are, and how to work practical magic with each.

Nature Mystics:

The Literary Gateway to Modern Paganism

Pagan Portals – Nature Mystics traces the lives and work of ten writers who contributed to the cultural environment that allowed Modern Paganism to develop and flourish throughout the twentieth century. John Keats, Mary Webb, Thomas Hardy, Sylvia Townsend Warner, D.H. Lawrence, Elizabeth von Arnim, W.B. Yeats, Mary Butts, J.R.R. Tolkien and E. Nesbit.

"...a wonderfully deft and vivid introduction to a broad range of distinguished British authors whose contribution to the making of modern Paganism is both considerable and little understood."

Professor Ronald Hutton


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