Winter Sun Loose Incense

Winter Sun Loose Incense

A blend of loose incense to evoke the winter sun, to carry you through the darkest nights of winter, from Yule to Imbolc. A blend of frankincense, myrrh, golden gorse blossom (gathered by hand on Dartmoor), with orange and neroli essential oils. 

A blend of finest herbs, resins and essential oils that can be added to oil for anointing spell candles, or burnt on charcoal discs in a censer to creat sacred, cleansing smoke. Use it to cleanse your crystals, clear your space, or cleanse your own energy field.

Weight approximately 15g 

* If you are burning it in a heatproof censer, make sure you stay with it, keep the room well ventilated, and keep small children or furred and feathered companions away from it.





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