Chakra Necklace 4

Chakra Necklace 4



This necklace is made with Black Obsidian to ground spiritual energy into the body, Clear Quartz for manifestation and activating and energising all of the energy centres in the body and helping the wearer become clear about their dreams and desires. Red Agate for strength power and courage, Orange Aventurine for stimulating emotional recovery and wellbeing, Yellow Citrine a stone of happiness light and prosperity, Gem Russian Amazonite a stone to sooth emotional traumas of the heart, Turquoise a powerful healing stone that soothes the throat and nervous system, Blue Aventurine to sooth the mind and thoughts, and Purple Jasper which is the perfect stone to raise consciousness, offer overall healing and to support stability.


Length: 47 cm, tibetan silver clasp.

  • Seven Chakras

    This range of Chakra Rainbow necklaces has been designed and created with the intention of aligning and supporting the seven main energy centres or chakras in our bodies.

    The first chakra (the root) is red, the second (the sacral) is orange, the third (the solar plexus) is yellow, the fourth (the heart) is green, the fifth (the throat) is pale blue, the sixth (the 3rd Eye) is indigo blue and the seventh (the crown) is purple.